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Russ Neibert

the President of AA&M Promotions, is the father of a successful teen actor, in Los Angeles, Hollywood, CA.  After a few years of “watching and learning” about the entertainment industry, with the support of his son’s management and agent team, Russ was destined to become one of the most respected new public relations representatives in the business. He started offering his services, knowledge, and integrity, to other artists from both the music and acting worlds. Russ launched AA&M Promotions in December of 2012.

Initially concentrating on solely promoting his clients through event participation and event planning, as well as setting up radio, TV, internet and print interviews, Russ began to realize that he was more geared to actually managing the careers and futures of his clients, which saw AA&M Promotions evolve into the talent management company that it is today.  


However, with AA&M Promotions, you not only get assistance, for your career, from a well connected company, with acting schools, entertainment agencies and several media outlets, but also a touch of PR as well, due to the company’s past experience in the PR arena.


AA&M Promotions is now in their 9th year of operations and is expanding into film and music production as well, due to our networking and associations that we have created over the years, with some very, very reputable and successful people and companies, in the entertainment industry.  


Russ Neibert is extremely proud of his accomplishments, in the entertainment industry, as a former national sales manager and S CA territory account manager, for two very large global companies, and bringing that management experience to his running of AA&M Promotions and our clients.  Russ’s extremely candid and honest way with people, and highest degree of integrity have gained him and AA&M Promotions many solid connections and partners, within the entertainment industry, which all serve to better promote and aid in the advancement of AA&M Promotions’ clients.  


Sticking with his entrepreneurial roots, Russ has brought his two way radio expertise under the umbrella of AA&M Promotions offering consulting on and sales of Motorola & Kenwood Business Two Way Radios, as an authorized representative, consultant and salesman for Portacraft, Inc., in Santa Ana, CA.  Russ handles outside sales calls, for Portacraft, to include consulting on communications needs by schools, hospitality, warehousing, manufacturing, medical, construction, FILM INDUSTY / PRODUCTION COMPANIES and much, much more.......  This coupled with Russ's being hired as a commissioned Talent Admissions Director at Gary Spatz's The Playground: A Young Actor's Conservatory, in January of 2019, has Russ staying very busy in the entertainment industry on many levels!!

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