Jon Etiquette

Actor/Music Artist/Singer/Songwriter

Jon Etiquette was born April 14,1989 and has been doing music most of his life. Focusing primarily on R&B/POP, Jon has created quite a buzz in his hometown of Seattle.

All was going well for Jon until a Sunday morning in 2011 when Jon was a victim in a horrific motorcycle accident.  Not expected to live at the time, the dreams of Jon Etiquette were put on hold.  After 15 surgeries and practically learning how to walk again, Jon is back with a determination like no other.  "Only by the grace of God and the love of my family and friends am I here today" - Jon Etiquette in an interview for Channel ATV, April of 2014.  Although it has not been easy, Jon has used the experience of the accident as strength to never give up on his dreams. 

Jon has since had the opportunity to open for many big names such as; Jagged Edge, 112, J. Holiday, Beanie Man, John Hart, and a few more.  Even with things progressing for Jon musically, he is always striving to reach the next level.

Jon's most recent EP is titled "Then & Now.” The EP shows a more emotional side of Jon Etiquette.  He takes you through a timeline of his life with the experiences he faces when a long-time relationship ends, getting back in the dating scene and ultimately finding "The One."  His EP Then & Now is available in all online stores.

In September of 2017 Jon signed with a local Seattle talent agency in hopes to reach a higher platform both musically and in acting.  Jon did just that.  In just five short months of being signed, Jon was accepted into one of the largest talent competitions in the U.S., known as IMTA held in Los Angeles the second week of January, 2018.  A place where many huge names have received their big break.  Jon placed 4th in the Male Singer of the Year competition and received honorable mention for Male Actor of the Year.  With his success at IMTA, Jon received over 17 call backs from various agencies, management companies and record producers.  “This is it!  This is what I have been waiting for my whole life.”

Jon has now signed with a management company based in Los Angeles and will be getting ready to call California his home.  Be ready to see a lot of great things come from this young, talented artist/actor.  "This is just the beginning…"