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Product Literature & Specifications


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CLP Spec Sheet

CLP Brochure

CLS Trifold

CLS 1410 Specs

DLR Retail Ap

DLR Spec Sheet

DLR Series Quick Reference

RM Brochure

RM Quick Reference

RM Spec

RDU4160 d Spec

RDV5100 RDU4100 Spec

RDX Trifold

DTR 410-Tri Brochure

DTR 410-SS

DTR 550-650

DTR 550 Lit Spec

Motorola BR Radio Accessories

For many more accessories    for your Motorola Business Two Ways Radios

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Need more information on onsite/job-site two way radios?  Want to schedule an onsite demonstration and consultation (S CA areas only)?  Send us an email now.  We’re here to help!

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