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Founded in early 2010, by Russ Neibert, the former Motorola So CA Account Manager for the Motorola Business Two-Way Radios, BRadioman Direct is exactly what the name says, a DIRECT source for information, services, products, and consultation, for all your onsite/job site communications needs.  


BRadioman Direct was “absorbed” by AA&M Promotions, in order to keep things all “under one umbrella”, as Russ says and streamline the business, to be more efficient and available to all.  In 2012, after forming AA&M Promotions, the two businesses ran separately, but in parallel with one another.  It was in late 2016 after AA&M Promotions began to really take hold and develop a name for itself that Russ decided to merge the two companies and offer up the services of both through one main website.  After all, two-way radios are widely used in the entertainment industry, by production teams, stage hands, and more.  So, to Russ, this was a perfect ‘marriage’.   


BRadioman Direct offers expert consultation on and sales of two-way radio communications, for onsite/job site use, to such vertical markets as retail, hospitality, medical/dental, warehousing, manufacturing, education, construction, and of course the entertainment industry and more.  

Need more information on onsite/job-site two-way radios?  Want to schedule an onsite demonstration and consultation

(So CA areas only)?  Send us an email now.  We’re here to help!

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