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AA&M Promotions is an Entertainment Talent Management company specializing in personal attention to and for our clients. At AA&M Promotions, we pride ourselves on our extensive network of contacts within the industry, which in turn provide you, our clients, the avenues necessary to achieve your goals in the entertainment industry. AA&M Promotions will go the extra mile, to assure that our clients have every opportunity, by opening doors for you that may never have otherwise found the keys for. For more information, or to be considered for representation, please send us an email, with your headshot, resume, mini-bio, any major credits, and a brief summary of your goals, to: Thank you, for stopping by. Break a leg!!    


Matthew Jacob Wayne Comm Head Shot.jpg

Entertainment Talent Management 

Music & Film Production

Matthew Jacob Wayne Comm Head Shot.jpg

Sally Kirkland,

Oscar Nominated


Russ Neibert has been an extraordinary support system for my film and television work, and recently he has arranged for me to guest star on Rockers4WildLife with Paul Padgett on LA TALK RADIO LIVE. He is the best! 

Hollywood Close-Up 

with Natalie Lipka & Wayne Frazier

"We love working with Russ Neibert. Whenever he sends his clients to be guest on Hollywood Close-Up we always know the interview will be insightful and educational." 

James Chalke, Actor/Director


Russ has not only shown that he will go to great lengths to help me, he is also extremely knowledgeable in the business. We have co-produced together and he has become a loyal friend.

Wayne Frazier, Actor, Writer, Host

I have met a lot of people in my career in the entertainment business, and one person that remains sincere, honest and trustworthy is Russ Neibert.  He is not only my manager, he is my friend!  I am truly blessed to have him on my side.  Lest I not forget, the guy can drive a golf ball

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