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Film Production

Russ Neibert, president of AA&M Promotions has always had a love of film and the creative process involved in filmmaking.  As the father of a child actor, now a teen actor, Russ has spent many, many hours on the sets of both feature films and television productions, with his son.  Having done so, Russ watched, listened, conversed with many industry professionals and has networked and grown his contact list, to the point where AA&M Promotions is able to offer consulting, directorial assistance and services, production services and film funding opportunities, for filmmakers.  Also, with our list of clients who cover the gamut, from actors to directors, to writers and producers, as well as music artists, we here at AA&M Promotions feel with have a full offering of talent to meet your needs.  Russ Neibert partnered with client James Chalke, in 2015 and formed a production company, which is under the umbrella of Mr. Chalke’s own production company and LLC, out of Nevada.  AA&M Promotions services are separate from this due to the partnership with Mr. Chalke being dedicated to our own film projects and scripts.  AA&M Promotions welcomes any and all scripts and screenplays, for consideration, to lend our services to and make “movie magic” happen.  For more information, please email Russ here

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